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Producing an Anime

Crunchyroll posted this video that answers the question “What does it take to produce an anime?” Enjoy!


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Best of The Year anime

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Best of The Year Anime

Angela Drummond-Mathews‘s insight:

This is a list of the best anime  of the year according to Do you agree with their choices? What would you add or delete?

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Ohayo, world!

So, we were sitting in La Madeline reminiscing about anime past, doing panels at cons, and our varied and sundry scholarly pursuits. Fueled by French roast, we began to brainstorm: what if we could create a forum online that combined our excitement for finding new manga and anime, our love of Asian culture, and the open exchange of information and interaction with other fans that we so enjoy when we do panels at cons? Then we realized, “What are we talking about? Of course we can!”  What followed was a few hours of note taking and list making. And yatta!!! The Anime Night Blog was born (or hatched, if you will).


Both of us are academics who use anime and manga extensively in the classroom, and we each had, in the past, attempted anime blogging. Otaku Sensei ran an eponymous blog focusing on anime in academia. Kogepan hosted an Anime Night web group which served as an online presence for a weekly anime watching get-together. Neither site gained much traction, and until now, they were mostly abandoned.

This time, we decided to pool our resources and really get serious. 😉 We hope to provide a venue somewhere between scholarship and fandom. To do this, we will feature the work of experts in anime and manga, field correspondents in Asian culture, industry figures, and fans! We will provide a forum for discussion and a place for you to send us suggestions.

We hope  you will enjoy our humble attempt to inform and entertain.

Arigato gozaimasu!

Your editors,

Otaku Sensei

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