From time to time, we will be interviewing people from the industry, scholars, and other interesting folk about the fascinating things they do that enhance our experience of anime, manga, and Asian culture in general.  We will be posting these interviews here. Please let us know what you think of our interviews!

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Fan Culture

Fan  Culture or Otakulture What is going on lately in the world of the fan? Where is the coolest fan fiction coming from? Seen any cool cosplay lately? Want to talk about fan-subbing or scanlations, pro or con? And how about that last con? What con is coming up next? Here is where we will […]

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Japanese Culture

We love anime and manga, but we can’t forget that they were not created in a vacuum. They are a product of a rich and beautiful culture that we will explore in this section. This will include dramas, J-pop, and other aspects of culture that will hopefully shine light on our anime and manga experience.

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K-Culture: Korea Makes Waves

In this section we will explore the phenomenon of Hallyu or Korean Wave. Korean popular culture has been exploding across Asia and has in recent years made it all the way to the US with dramas, K-pop, and Manhwa. Here we will profile some of the popular shows, stars, and interesting aspects of culture that […]

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